Tulip Festival in northern WA. #vscocam (at Tulip Town)

Tulip Festival in northern WA. #vscocam (at Tulip Town)

Our view at dinner.  (at SkyCity at the Needle Restaurant - Space Needle)

Our view at dinner. (at SkyCity at the Needle Restaurant - Space Needle)

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium

Downtown Ft. Worth, Tx on a day trip last week. #vscocam  (at Sundance Square)

Downtown Ft. Worth, Tx on a day trip last week. #vscocam (at Sundance Square)

On tap… #vscocam (at Thunderbird Coffee)

On tap… #vscocam (at Thunderbird Coffee)



A year resolute: March 2014 edition

Nearly two and half months and I’ve not evaluated my resolutions (See here). Generally, it’s been a poor showing. My Sound Mind and Sound Body categories have little to show. My only sign of success has been in Sound Fun, a category I started to make sure I do not spend my entire day reading for seminars. Back in December, I discovered that my DSLR was broken. But as the cost to fix it was more than it was worth, I started shooting film again. It’s been a joy making photographs again. So much to re-learn about exposure, composition, development, and the like. Even more to learn about patience, visualizing the final image, and creative discipline.

Nevertheless, I need to recapture my goals for 2014. The month is nearly half over, so I need to be modest with aims.

  1. 21 day challenge of clean eating
  2. Workout at University Gym 3 days per week
  3. Read “The Mind’s Eye” by Henri Cartier-Bresson
  4. Finish reading “Sword of the Spirit” by Andrew Preston

Two sets of goals each for Sound Mind and Sound Body. For my fitness goals, it is mainly about getting back on track with clean eating and returning to the gym after a six week hiatus. For my personal and professional enrichment, I have two books, one small one on photography, another for my dissertation.

Night time eats at UT

New pics posted at Flickr


Film Photographer Spotlight: Erin Young 

Name:  Erin Young 
Age: 36 years old
Location:  Santa Barbara, California, originally from Canada. 
Camera: Photographing with film since 2010 using a Leica M6 and more recently, a Hasselblad 503cx
Favourite film:  Kodak Portra, Fuji Astia, Fuji Provia, Kodak Ektar

Erin Young on why she shoots film:

"These photos were taken on two separate trips to the Rocky Mountains, the first to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado in August 2013, and the second to the Banff and Lake Louise area in Alberta in October 2013. Hasselblads are so beautifully suited for landscape photography, and I am constantly inspired by all the talented medium format landscape photographers on Flickr and other places on the internet.  

I continue to shoot film for one simple reason; I love the way film looks. The colours, the detail, the dynamic range.  The way that shooting film forces me to be more careful about each shot has also had a serious impact on my photography, and I really appreciate the tangible nature of the film process and the physical experience of shooting high build quality metal, manual vintage film cameras.  But in the end, for me, it comes down to aesthetics.”

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Student rush, $5. As the saying goes,  #winning

Student rush, $5. As the saying goes, #winning